Cross Country at the Track

Mackenzie Telstad, Staff Writer

While sports were limited due to COVID, the cross country team at EPCHS was one of the few teams that were able to run from start to finish.  Mr.Strubin, coach of the boys cross country team, mentioned, “Before COVID, we had double the amount of races. Weekends would be 20-30 teams and that atmosphere is what attracts people to the cross country races.” 

With COVID hitting, the changes were major. Mr.Strubin stated, “The kids were restricted to Tuesday Dual races with only 7 kids per race which means it wasn’t as competitive. It was harder for them to push themselves because of the atmosphere and competitiveness. Our kids maintained being awesome and outstanding during the races and by following the protocols. It was a hard time wearing a mask while warming up and preparing for the race. Even though there was no state this year, they were able to run the state course in Peoria for the sectionals race. Not the season we wished to have but it was still fulfilling!” 

Strubin also mentioned after the pandemic is over next year, the team hopes to have a successful full season where more athletes will fully participate and their love of competing.