Snowy Days

Amor- Mi Moda


Nyah Tsai

Snow is in this season!

Nyah Tsai, Staff Writer

Now that snow is scattered on the ground outside, it’s time to pull out those snow boots. Warm and comfy boots with an insole that makes it feel like you’re walking on air. You get to bundle up in layers that may prevent you from being able to move completely but that doesn’t faze you because you have freedom to make snow angels, have snowball fights, build a snow man, ice skate, and so many more winter activities. And when you’re all tired out and too cold and cannot feel your face, toes, or fingers anymore, inside is a steamy, chocolaty cup of hot chocolate just waiting for you. Accompanying the hot chocolate and the heat of your own home is only the most amazing things ever….. Christmas movies!!!!! Who could possibly ever hate snowy days?