EP Hosts Esports Tournament

And do it in dominating fashion


Dulce Medina Meza

Yes. It exists. esports is a thing… 

You may be wondering… what has our world come to. Prior to attending the esports event, I would not have been able to answer that. But… regardless of the inescapable experience, I made it out to tell the tale. 

I remember walking into the LRC, just overwhelmed by the amount of teenagers who had nothing better to do on a Saturday. (I suppose I could say the same for myself, since I was there and all). All jokes aside (mostly) Mr. Truffa and Mr. Burns do a great job at running it and their dedicated members are very good at what they do. 

According to Mr.Truffa, there were 11 schools who attended this event. To really sum up what it was like to be there: turbulent yelling (also known as raging), kids complaining about the concession prices, and maybe a lack of social etiquette. 

I have inside knowledge that a good amount of these kids only show up to play and not to compete. Which sounds about right because our team demolished at this event!  

Epchs viciously prevailed against TF South ! 

Varsity only lost one game all day for rocket league ! Varsity Won against Revis in a best of 5 (Finals)! Maybe Truffa and Burns DO know what they’re doing…

The following are some quotes taken from the event: 

“We are all very happy that we are able to do this for all the gamers in the school” – Mr. Burns 

“I think they’re taking ‘roids” – Thomas Jarosz Gobby 

“Most people here are trash” -Lukas Spain 

“Smash kids are straight npcs” – Tyler Russell

“What a save” -The Varsity Team