Spotlight on Ms. Pietruszynski


Mya Cooper, Staff Writer

     Tammy Pietruszynski, an extraordinary teacher and coach, is a good role model for the students of EPCHS. She is a great dance coach and an even better teacher. She’s helpful, friendly and her colorful clothing matches her bright personality. Tiana Brown, a fellow dancer says, “Ms. P is a very loving person and coach, who takes time out of her day to help students dance and learn.”

     Gen Garbacz, a captain of the dance team says, “Ms. P is a role model and someone who I aspire to be like when I’m older, she never fails to put a smile on my face. She always puts others before herself and changes the lives of everyone she meets!” Ms. Pietruszynski is someone who will always support you and help you up if you fall. She’s an absolutely amazing teacher, coach, and person!