Let’s Get in his Business


Brian Gutrich

Mr. Pasek teaches his students the ins and outs of accounting.

Marion Isaac, Staff Writer

The ever popular Mr. Pasek is one of the best business teachers here at Evergreen Park High School. If you signed up for Accounting l or ll, Financial Literacy, Education Internship, or Intro to Business, he’s your teacher through all of it. He attended Amos Alonzo Stagg High School, Moraine Valley for two years before transferring to Southern Illinois. Then Governor State for his Masters and Chicago State. Most people in high school learned a language like Spanish or played an instrument, maybe not of their own volition. However, Mr. Pasek wished he could learn Spanish, because back when TV was first invented there were only two channels: an English one and a Spanish one and it would’ve been nice to understand the channels in Español. As far as instruments go, he wanted to play piano and guitar because they had a nice sound when played correctly. No one shows more school spirit than he does! He also coaches the golf team and runs a club in his spare time. Whether it’s tye-dye and pizza partying with his club or field trips with his class, he’s always in a good and high spirited mood. Even on Halloween, he dressed up with the crowd as Mr. Pac-man. Mr. Pasek like most, is very into sports, whether it’s attending one of our very own EP football games or watching an NFL game on TV. His favorite football teams are the Chi Town Bears, New England Patriots, and EP Mustangs! Mr. Pasek participates in fantasy football as well. Besides watching football in his spare time, he’s also started watching Bates Motel and Ozark on Netflix, and he quite enjoys them.