The Pacer

Meche Watson, Staff Writer

     Whether you realize it thousands of students across America have to deal with the pacer test. But what is the pacer test? It is basically a physical activity that tests your anaerobic skills.

     According to a student poll around Evergreen Park Community High School, 80% of students don’t appreciate the pacer. Most students have said they feel the pressure to push themselves harder during the test. This is probably due to students usually watching students run. Even though the pacer has received some negative comments, about half of our students say that the pacer should be mandatory, although 73% felt stressed around pacer time.

Students who have asthma problems have complained that the pacer is even more difficult for them. 60% of students thought that maybe there should be another way of testing their physical ability. And when given the chance for any other thoughts on the pacer many students brought up anxiety, to get rid of it, having a challenge, being an athlete, and grades. This brings up a valid point, some students feel that if the pacer is going to be mandatory maybe it should not count against us. So next time you have to do the pacer maybe bring up this article to your gym teacher. I’m sure they won’t appreciate it though.