Finally Fall!

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Nyah Tsai

Mrs. Allgaier is styling in her fall outfit.

Nyah Tsai, Staff Writer

Finally Fall!

There is nothing I love more than fall fashion. What’s better than being warm and comfortable all snuggled up in a jacket and scarf? Maybe it’s just me, but one of the things I love the most is turtlenecks. Mainly because they keep me nice and toasty. Our classrooms are FREEZING cold so I always layer up. This is the typical visual I see in my head when I think of fall: a girl wearing some type of boots, (maybe Uggs) or velvet closed-toe heels, dark blue jeans, a warm-colored sweater with a cardigan over it while holding either a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Honestly, the best thing about the weather dropping is that I finally get to wear my suede knee-high boots that I love so much. They really match any and everything too! 

If you’re interested in, or like taking photo shoots or just pictures of outfits, then I definitely recommend taking some pictures in front of the trees before they lose all their leaves. In my opinion, yellow and orange leaves are the prettiest of them all. The best accessories for fall fashion are most definitely scarves. Pair a scarf with any boots and sweater and call it a day. Jewelry really doesn’t matter, I think any type of jewelry can be worn year round so that shouldn’t be much of a struggle. That’s what I would call a typical fall outfit!