Captain America: Civil War

Comic Reviews #2:


Cover Artist: Steve Mcniven

Comic cover of “Civil War”, 2006.

Joey Templin, Staff Writer

Welcome Back! For the second review let’s go with a book some people may be more familiar with Marvel’s Civil War. A lot more people may be familiar with it because it was used as source material for the movie “Captain America: Civil War” released in 2016 starring Chris Evans and Robert Downey. Jr. However in this review we are going to only focus on the book.

The book begins with a group of reality TV superheroes spying on some of the F.B.I.’s most wanted villains. What is kinda of funny is that while they are fighting they have their camera crews filming each event. However, their fun is soon ended as one of the heroes throws a hydrogen bomb based villain into a school. The villain explodes killing around 900 people. At the memorial ceremony, Tony Stark is confronted by a mom whose son died in the explosion, this causes him to push the “Superhuman Registration Act”. While most heroes decide to join Ironman like Dr Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), She Hulk, and even Spider-Man. Other heroes join Captain America such as Daredevil, Goliath, and Hercules. On the other hand, Captain America’s team are secretly taking down villains and stopping crime. However, Ironman and his team work for the government while trying to find Captain America and his rogue heroes. Eventually, they do find him which leads to a fight.

The fight ends up to be deadly after a clone of Thor, who is thought to be dead, shows up and kills the superhero Goliath. This death causes a couple of people to leave Captain America’s team and causes a few to rethink joining Iron-Man’s team. Ironman takes things a bit to extreme after he recruits villains to be on the team. Eventually, Spider-Man decides to join Captain America’s team and is nearly killed by two villains but is saved by The Punisher.

At this time in the comic, more heroes have joined Captain America’s side than Ironman’s. Both teams meet for their final battle at Ryker’s Island Prison, which is similar to Alcatraz Island. Cloak and Dagger teleport all of them to the city which  Captain America and Ironman have a one-on-one fight. Just as Captain America is about to win the battle, he is stopped by civilians who point out their fighting is injuring the public and destroying buildings.

Captain America surrenders causing Ironman to win the battle and each state in the United States has their own super team working under the federal government. However, members of Captain America’s team evaded the law from being arrested and operates as an underground insurgency. The last pages depict Dr. Reed Richards (Mr Fantastic) writing a letter to his wife who eventually comes back to him. The last few panels demonstrates Ironman making his promise to the lady who pushed him to create the Superhuman Registration Act.

Overall this a good book to read. I recommend this book even though it is somewhat different from the film ‘Captain America: Civil War’.