Student-Staff Volleyball Game!!

Students Dominate Teachers in First Ever EP Students Vs. Teachers Volleyball Game


Joseph Berko, Contributing Staff Writer

In the first ever Teachers Vs. Students volleyball game, the students dominated the teachers, winning 2 straight in a best of 3 series. The teachers put up a good fight in game 1, losing with a final score of 15-11, but were completely overwhelmed by both the excellent serving and spiking ability of the students in round 2. The students’ side was well rounded and maintained a compelling and unified effort throughout both games. The teachers put up a valiant effort with some solid serving and good blocking ability, but weren’t able to keep up with the high pressure attacks from the students. The teachers were led by amazing efforts from Mr. Czarnecki, Mr. Zimmerman, Mr. Smith, and Dr. Thomas. The game’s turnout was also amazing with the bleachers being nearly full. Make sure to look out for next year’s Teachers vs. Students game, where the teachers will be looking to redeem themselves after the dominant performance from this year’s student team!