Mustang Softball takes the field

Caroline Duffy and April Kirts

Dora Cihocki gets ready to take a mighty hack at the ball. She has a .400 average on the season.
Lily Strand focuses on the catcher’s glove before firing another strike.

BATTER UP… The 2022 Mustang Softball season is fast underway! Their very first game was against the reigning Sectional Champions: St. Ignatius. The pitchers held the opposing offenses to a 14 inning long stand-still which ended in a 0-0 tie. Despite the uneasy finish, the Mustangs focused on the positives of the game and being able to compete neck and neck with such a talented team. Through the first 9 games of the softball season, the Mustangs are outscoring their opponents a whopping 90 runs-8 runs. Led by four-year Varsity starter Mya Granados, she describes her feelings about her last season as “bittersweet” but is “excited for the potential that this team holds”.  Also excited for the future of this team is head coach Michelle Vucsko. When asked about her hopes for the rest of the season, she expressed her belief that “if we stay on track, we have the ability to climb to the top of our conference”. If the Mustangs are able to climb to the top of their conference, they give themselves a wonderful opportunity for a successful postseason as they would earn a high playoff seed. As the season continues, this softball squad is definitely one to watch!