3-Point shooter makes it to state

Julianna Black, Staff Writer

This year our very own student Riley Hayes, class of 2023, made it downstate for her epic performances to qualify for the 3-Point Shooter Contest. The sharpshooter made seven shots at regionals, nine at sectionals, and six at state, which is considered a superior performance compared to the other contestants. Riley is a part of the school’s varsity girls basketball team, and it’s as clear as day to see that she is one of the best shooting guards the team has. Her prowess comes from her love of long-distance shots and her practice year-round. She plans on beating her record when the contest comes around next year, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for her next winter. She proudly represented the Mustangs and upheld the spirit of giving it her all, so don’t hesitate to congratulate this champion for her effort, skill, and love for the game.