Homecoming Dress Code

Fashion Do’s and Don’ts


Jasmine Monroe, Staff Writer

Homecoming, one of the most popular dances amongst all grades is coming up. However, there are a few do’s and don’ts for the upcoming dance.

Dress Code

Dress code guidelines are important. Unacceptable dresses would be anything with a plunging neckline. Backless dresses are acceptable but nothing below the navel area. High slits and midriff dresses are not acceptable either. You won’t be let in if you dress inappropriately, so please, follow the rules accordingly.

What TO Wear

If you’re an upperclassman you pretty much already know where to shop or what to wear. But, if you’re a freshman, sophomore, or have never attended homecoming, you should dress formally, like a dress that’s knee-length, usually with sleeves and with a short skinny heel or a wedge. Guys usually wear a button-up shirt with sleeves and pants that complement the shirt. They would then top that off with a bow tie or regular tie, that usually ends up being tied around their heads about 30 minutes in.  Refer to the pictures for some ideas about what to wear for homecoming. 

What NOT to wear 

Styles are seasonal and people tend to hold on to things of the past. For example, if you’re still wearing Black AFs to school or in public in general, please do not wear them to any dance. (To be honest, you should just throw them away. Its 2019 c’mon guys.) Gym shoes, in general, are a big no-no, for boys and girls too.  Some other things that you want to avoid would be combinations of dresses and slides, anything neon (it’s not the 80s) and heels above 6 inches.

Above all things, don’t forget to have fun. Dances are something that you will never forget, and make some of the best memories of your high school experience. Take the advice of a high school senior…you do not want to miss this.