Homecoming 2021!

Getting a little bit of normal back.


Grace Murphy and Juliana Black lead the Marching Band and Madlyn Schaffrath represents Colorguard

April Kirts, Staff Writer

After almost a year off of school and a small homecoming celebration last year, the student body was eager to get a sense of normality with homecoming week. The week was kicked off like always with a window decorating competition with the 4 classes. The Junior class started off strong with their New Orleans themed poster and Seniors took up the comprehensive win in the new Homecoming Olympics. These games consisted of Knockout, Trivia, Dodgeball, and Rock Paper Scissors to take the place of the Powderpuff flag football game. The most anticipated event for student government members and other helpers in all four grades was the hallway decorating. The Seniors edged out another win with their Hollywood themed hallway with their VIP lounge and a red carpet. The floats that the classes had been constructing all week were displayed during the Homecoming Parade and at the football game. It all came down to the day of the pep rally assembly where the official winner of the class competition would be announced. The Tug-of-War games and Scavenger Hunt results were just what the Seniors needed to edge out the Juniors and win their final homecoming competition. The week was full of fun competitions, school spirit, and an overall sense of gratitude for the students and staff to get to experience this week once again. A big 14 – 13 win against Argo on Friday night and an overwhelming showing at the dance on Saturday were a perfect way to end the week. Homecoming is a special time of year where all students and staff, regardless of class, age, or interests, get to come together to share their pride for the school and have fun while doing it. The Senior class was grateful for the chance to experience it one last time and even happier that they took the Spirit Stick home!