Your Two Cents: Anti-Bullying Week Edition

Ruby Mendoza, Staff Writer

“What did you like and not like about our school’s anti-bullying week? Why?”


Jasmine Monroe (junior):

“I like the assembly at the end of the week but I didn’t like that there are not enough school activities. I think as a whole school we need to be more involved with each other to eliminate bullying.”


Jason Van Shaik (junior):

Biscuit was super cool and epic. #lol #eatbiscuit”


Cara Flaherty (junior):

“What I liked about Anti-Bullying week was the staff and students who supported the week by either buying a shirt or even getting a pin. There was nothing I didn’t like about Anti-Bullying Week. I thought it was a great week!”


Anonymous (senior):

I did not like the way we decided to start off the week with appreciating the students who did well on their AP exams. I love how we did give them credit. It is important to reward big accomplishments, but it was most definitely not the right time and place to do that. We could have had a separate lunch in for those who scored well on the tests or something of the sort. Also, some people don’t like to be called out for their test scores even if they are good. I know it also made people feel bad about themselves if they took the exam and didn’t score high because maybe they were just a bad test taker. I personally believe it was the wrong time and place to recognize their accomplishments.”


Shannon Morrison (freshman):

I think the assembly was pretty funny and I feel that it actually impacted a lot of students. If there was one thing I would change about the week is it would probably be how we finished off the week. The first couple days were great but the last two seemed like nobody was really interested anymore. All in all, it was still a great week.”