Hocus Pocus 2 – A Review

Less than average attempt of a sequel from the wonderful 1994 smash hit


Alexia Lopez-Stout, Contributing Staff Writer

Overall Rating – 4/10

On September 30th Disney+ released the long awaited Hocus Pocus 2, and it was not worth it. What. Was. The. Point. Hocus Pocus is mine and basically the rest of societies’ favorite Halloween movie of all time. So when I got ready to watch Hocus Pocus 2, I had high hopes and let’s just say…they were not met. I put off writing this article for a while. As you can probably tell, I’m glad I did. My major concern for this movie wasn’t the fact that it absolutely made zero sense, but where were the original characters from HP 1 outside of the Sanderson sisters?!?! 

The difference between this movie and any other was the fact that Hocus Pocus is about 29 years old. Being that Hocus Pocus was made in the 90s and took place in the 90s, they would need to adapt the sisters to this century. But I thought they were dead? Like legit, they turned into “sparkles.” How can you come back from that? I’ll give it to Disney watching the Sanderson Sisters trying to figure out skincare was a hilarious scene. But honestly that’s the only part I really enjoyed and cared to remember. 

Back to the main point. Why wasn’t the old cast in the new movie? Oh, and that musical number? Woof. Actually both terrible music numbers. My heart would have been so overjoyed to hear Ice and Jay call Max “Hollywood” one more time, and the sickening copycat knockoff Binx. You can tell they added the stranger cat to resemble him. He moved on, I don’t think Disney will ever get the understanding of what that means for characters. Let. Them. Go. Especially Billy, he was the only character I was excited to see. WHY WONT THEY LET THAT MAN REST IN PEACE!!! 

But the worst thing I ever witnessed was the betrayal of “Book.” Why? Any real fan knows that book would never have helped the kids. Winifred loves “Book” with everything she has. IT’S A BOOK OF SPELLS! WHY WOULD IT HELP? If “Book” didn’t help in the first movie why would it help in the second. In conclusion, Hocus Pocus 2 was not the movie for me. This movie should have had nothing to do with the orignal. Would I watch it again, yes. Based on its level of nostalgia, would I recommend it, no.