10 Worst Costumes That You Shouldn’t Even Consider Wearing

Avoid wearing these this weekend!


Dulce Medina Meza, Contributing Staff Writer

Okay listen, I know Halloween is approaching and most of you are procrastinating on a costume… BUT for the love of all things good DO NOT pick any of these. Here’s why.

Number 1: Culturally insensitive and appropriative costumes. This seems like an obvious one but then again, we see these every year and it’s just not it, this year or any. This is definitely the worst one you could do, don’t look stupid on Halloween. Definitely the absolute worst. 

Number 2: Football Costumes. Going into your parents’ closets or their worn out Brady jersey and putting on your 5 year old cleats from the community soccer league, does not equate to a costume. Just don’t

Number 3: Eleven from Stranger Things. This came out in 2016. Over 8 years ago Even if she’s your favorite character on the show, don’t wear this. This was somewhat acceptable then, but definitely not now. There are so many other shows with more creative costume ideas.

Number 4: I’m not even going to spend much time saying why you shouldn’t dress up as a Euphoria cheerleader. 

Number 5: Ok, Harley Quinn is just tacky. The colors,the blonde,the pigtails, all of it, is just hard to look at. I think dressing up as the original Harley Quinn would be so much better than the “recent”.

Number 6: The Cat. Do I really have to say much about this? This is like a universal absolutely not. There will always be something better that takes no effort. If I threw a party and people dressed as cats, I’d file a restraining order. Eyeliner and cat ears don’t make a costume. Do better. 

Number 7: The Hotdog. Don’t interrupt. Yes, I know you think it’s funny, it’s not. If you’re going the extra mile to buy a hotdog costume, you can take the extra mile and try it on. Then, you will see how ridiculous it looks. Now, you can go buy it if you really want to, but we won’t be amused despite what your mother tells you. 

Number 8: The half-attempted vampire. Looking like your 4 year old cousin put on your red lipstick doesn’t resemble a vampire. Having to tell someone that you’re a vampire when they look at you with a befuddled gaze, really just kills it (no pun intended). 

Number 9: Snapchat Filters. Sure it’s not very common, but the ones that do it… atrocious. Social Media and Costumes shouldn’t ever be intertwined. 0 exceptions. 

Number 10:This is only at the bottom because it could be funny depending on the execution. Either hilarious or just really stupid.