Seminar after School

What does the Student body think?


The revised seminar schedule

Meche Watson, Staff Writer

Once upon a time there was this school named Evergreen Park Community High School and they had late start on Wednesday for students who didn’t have seminar. Does this story sound familiar? If you’re a freshman it might not. This year the sophomores, juniors, and seniors saw a difference in the “new” schedule. In fact, 4.3% said the change has been difficult for them but the majority (86.8%) felt the change doesn’t affect them. In this survey, the votes were almost split when asked if they enjoyed the late start on Wednesday. In the end, 47.4% of students felt liked the late start on Wednesday while 44.7% did not. Even though most students did like the late start schedule, 76.3% didn’t like the seminar in the morning. Whether you liked the change or not, the change has definitely influenced the student body. However, some students are not as affected as others due to having a 0 block class. Furthermore, now that seminar is after school, some students feel as if the day is shorter. I personally believe that the schedule change has created some positive buzz around school and is good for our student population.