The Undefeated Freshmen

a look into a winning season…

Mya Cooper, Staff Writer

This year’s freshman football team has gone undefeated the whole season and ultimately making their school and their coach especially proud. “I knew we had a really good chance this season as long as the boys stuck together which they did,” says the coach of the freshman football team, Ron Zimmerman, when asked about the expectancy of their undefeated record of 8-0. Zimmerman also believed that their game against Argo was one of the best. This is not because of how well they played from the get-go but it really showed the teams character when they were able win when losing 14-0.

The four captains on the team are: Devin Turner, James Williams, Nathan Johnson, and Alonzo Newsome. These captains did an outstanding job holding the team together. A piece of advice from Devin Turner is, “A lifetime of glory is worth a moment of pain. Don’t ever give up when life gets hard.” James Williams states, “Stay Positive, Work Hard, and make it happen!”

While speaking with Nathan Johnson, he stated, “All the hard work we did paid off, I hope we continue this next year. I am happy to be a part of this team.” Captain Alonzo Newsome reported, “It was fun. It’s a good feeling to finish up the freshman season as champions alongside new players and old Ep Stallion players. I’m looking forward to next year!” Thank you Mustangs for a fantastic year on the field!!