Your thoughts about E-hallpass…

Do we like it?

Imani Sykes, Staff Writer

Evergreen Park High School has just recently started using the well known app called E-Hall Passes this school year, which has been a challenge for the student body to adjust to. This drastically different approach has caused an uproar within the school. Many students have expressed either their like or dislike of the new system and have several opinions about the app. There has recently been a survey that’s been distributed within the student body so students will be able to voice their opinions and list their concerns about the E-Hall Passes.


One of the questions asked if students thought if the e-hallpasses were beneficial or not. The results showed that 80 percent of the student body responded no to the new system being beneficial. It is also commonly stated that “not only is bringing the ipad to the bathroom unsanitary, but e-hallpasses also disrupt class and point unwanted attention towards students.”


According to the survey, 70 percent of the student population feel as if the e-hallpasses can act as a distraction towards the learning process within the classroom. This is highly alarming and something that the school should really keep in consideration if this new process is beginning to affect people’s learning experience. Lastly, many people have expressed their thoughts about not having planners anymore. Based on the survey, 87 percent of the people that answered said that the school needs to bring planners back. Within the free response section of the survey several people communicated the efficiency the planner served towards them. Also, it was indicated that the planner helps kids stay organized regarding the keeping up of homework assignments.


This new app has caused many people to question whether or not this new system serves as being helpful for the school or if it’ll ultimately cause a greater uproar within the school learning environment.