Vito and Nick’s worthy of legendary status


Josh Miglieri, Staff Writer

     Anyone who knows a thing or two about pizza from around here knows that Vito and Nick’s is the cream of the crop when it comes to thin crust. Literally, a century of success says it all. If it was up to me, I’d make the joint a city landmark for crying out loud, and long lasting fame and fortune is never backed up by a so-so pie either. Vito and Nick’s is so precise in their approach. It’s easy to tell that this recipe has been sharpened throughout the years into its current state because no pizza should be this good with this little sauce. By breaking the pizza rules, it opens the door to new possibilities of deliciousness that would have previously been impossible to reach. The sauce is strategically put off to the side to make room for that insanely salty crust and cheese one-two punch. It’s also on that next level of thinness that Barraco’s wishes it could be on, which is an easy comparison to make because they both come from the Barraco family. The only noticeable con is that it really doesn’t hold up as a day 2 pizza as well as others because of that previously mentioned lack of sauce, but a little tip from the way of the trades is to order with extra sauce. Still great day 1, even better day 2. My only other recommendation is to order an extra pizza because its thinness makes it easy to pound far more than normal pizza. Once you’re done with the first one, you’ll want to dive right into the next pie before anyone else has a chance to gobble it up. This is tavern style down right.  Final Score: 9/10


Scoring System: 10-Perfect, 9-Excellent, 8-Great, 7-Good, 6-Fine, 5-Average, 4- Weak, 3- Bad, 2- Atrocious, 1- Inedible