Rosangela’s Pizza Lives up to the Local Legend

Rosangelas Pizza Lives up to the Local Legend

Josh Miglieri, Staff Writer

Rosangela’s Pizza is held by some to the highest regard amongst the people in the village. A solid amount of pizza eaters say that this is the best of the best for the suburbs, and with the polarizing CEO of Barstool Sports David Portnoy stopping by and reviewing the pie for himself on his One Bite Pizza Reviews YouTube channel, the spotlight seems to be on the local parlor now more than ever. It’s all for good reason, too. The taste of the pizza backs all of this high acclaim with a distinct tart sauce given in healthy portions. They also nail the amount of cheese by walking the line between going complete tavern style and the obscene amount seen on Beggar’s. Toppings also pack a punch with their flavorful sausage and spicy pepperonis. The only problem for me is the crust. Besides lacking flavor, the amount of crunch varies drastically. The middle droops like crazy giving it little to no structure, while the ends crunch so much that I think I’m eating dry cereal. Somehow, it can have both bad ends of the spectrum without finding that perfect balance. But, that’s really the only thing holding it back from being in that upper echelon. Rosangela’s is still a very tasty pizza that Evergreen Park should be proud to have its name associated with. The crust is just one aspect, and when everything else is so good, it’s almost impossible not to show some love to the local favorite.

Final Score: 7/10

Scoring System: 10-Perfect, 9-Excellent, 8-Great, 7-Good, 6-Fine, 5-Average, 4- Weak, 3- Bad, 2- Atrocious, 1- Inedible