The Mustangs Celebrate Valentine’s Day


Makenzie Telstad

A cup for that special someone

Makenzie Telstad, Staff Writer

This year, The Mustang Monitor decided to send out a little Valentine’s Day poll to see how the students at EPCHS were spending their Valentine’s Day. We were curious to see if most students would be spending their 2019 Valentine’s Day alone watching movies while eating chocolate by themselves, or going out with their S/O or friends to celebrate their relationships or friendships. A little over an hour after it was sent, there were already 44 responses!

Let’s see what EPCHS students are doing on their Valentines Day this year!

56.3% of the Mustangs are spending it alone while, 30% is spending it with a special someone, and 13.8% of students are spending it with their friends. 32.5% of students say that Valentine’s Day is overrated while 31.2% say no it is not. The main things people like to give/receive were food related like candy/chocolate. Some other responses from students were they just wanted to spend time with their special someone or stuffed animals.


Some of Mustangs have left messages for their Valentine below:


Elizabeth, You make me smile everyday, and push me to do more in life, Thanks so much, Thomas


Miguel, You’re the, from Kayla


Ramyiah, I love you. Christian Epps


Dear Catherine Alvina Rose Schaffrath,  I love you very much. You are the bomb. Have a good day, a great week, a fantastic year, and an amazing life.  From, Nolan Brennan


Maddy Moonan , OMG we made it on the mustang monitor happy V-Day !! #blessed Vinny Marzano


To my best friends, I really love you guys. You’re amazing and smart and beautiful and no one else can compare. Love, Erin.


Jacob Johnson~your honesty the best person in my life couldn’t ask for someone else from Karla


Kenzie, I love you and miss you, Jose M.