Loving The Wrath and the Dawn

a book by Renee Ahdieh

The cover of The Wrath and The Dawn.

Photo provided via AP.

The cover of The Wrath and The Dawn.

Grace Sisto, Staff Writer

Last year in English 1, I read The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh and I completely loved it.  I started reading the second book in the series in class when we had to pick a book and I was so confused.  I looked online to see if there was a book preceding and there was. I went to the Evergreen Park Public Library and got the book.  I read the whole series in only three days. It’s one of my favorite series I have read so far and I love how the author writes. I don’t want to to spoil the book, but the ending of the book totally got to me.  I definitely didn’t expect what was going to happen. I read the book so fast that I thought I was losing some of the presented information, so I recently reread the book.

Renee Ahdieh wrote the book as if she was the main character.  Her acting as if she was the main character is what probably made me like it because it seemed so real and in depth.  The most memorable quote to me that Ahdieh wrote was, “You are not weak, you are not indecisive, you are strong, fierce, capable beyond measure.”  This quote relates to everybody in some way because no one is weak, we are all strong.

My two favorite characters are Khalid and Shahrzad.  I love the character of Khalid because he acts cold and ruthless but his emotions change when he meets Shahrzad.  Shahrzad learned to love who Khalid is no matter how he acts. The main reason why I believe that the author created him was that everyone has somebody to rely on and Khalid’s person was more like an enemy.  The second book exists now because of Khalid’s enemy.

This is one of my favorite book series, it brings in themes that you normally don’t really see in books now like arranged marriages.   Renee Ahdieh is such a strong writer, she transforms her writing into something that makes it great. You should read this book because reading it will make you feel like your one of the characters. Ahdieh is such a good writer and I hope you like her writing as much as I do.