Cold Go Away!


Nyah Tsai

Nyah Tsai shivers in the cold of a class.

Nyah Tsai, Staff Writer

The climate in EPCHS is very bipolar. My first block class is Computer Concepts in room 113. It’s always super freezing in there. It is so cold that typing sometimes becomes difficult because my fingers grow numb. I feel like I enter an icebox when I walk into most of my classes. The weather in this school in no way comforts students or staff who have low iron like myself. I used to get so cold in my classes that my legs would start to tingle. It is a proven fact that it is easier for most to fall asleep while cold, which could account for why so many people fall asleep in class. When in a cool temperature, your body sends a signal stating that it is time to sleep. Chyna Ellis says “They need to turn up the heat; I feel like an ice cube.” At lunch time, the air is on coming out the vents, which I don’t quite understand, considering that I sit next to the window where I feel the cold radiating off the windows. If I could make any changes to this school, raising the temperature would definitely be in the top 5.