A Paperless EPCHS

Are you missing paper?


Libby McArthur

Ra’ell Moore-Wilson and Jose Arteaga use both the computer and their IPAD’s in Computer Graphics class.

Meche Watson, Staff Writer

Are you missing paper? Love books and pages? Well it seems like the student body is more about saving the world than savoring the feeling of opening a new book. A year ago, EPCHS decided to change the school by not using scantrons anymore. Since then teachers have been using apps such as”Exam Login” to take test and quizzes.

When asked about the switch from scantrons to electronic test taking apps, 60.7% of students say they do not miss the scantrons while, 23% said they did prefer scantrons. Although students say they don’t miss scantrons, most of the student body likes their class work and homework to be on paper.

In fact, 54.1% feel that homework and class work should be on paper or at least have a balance between the two considering the internet is not always reliable. When asked why the students feel this way, they brought up very good arguments like, “It’s easier to focus on paper”, ”Keeps me more organized”, “Easier to read”, and “Easier to remember.” The other 26.2% that said they didn’t like paper copies felt that paper is easier to lose, ”isn’t good for the environment”, ”it’s hard to search for each paper.” I feel that while paper is not good for the environment, it is easier to work on, and it seems as though my fellow students feel the same way.