Something To Think About…

A Political Poem


Marion Isaac

Mr. Knapik voted before he got to school.

Marion Isaac, Staff Writer

Lately I’ve started watching CNN’s Cuomo, Anderson, and Lemon,

And frankly I’m still confused on what is going on in this dilemma.

We’re gonna build a wall and Mexico’s gonna pay for it?

Why would they do that, what does Mexico gain or benefit?


In earlier years and times people came to America for a better life,

With their bags packed, kids and adults hoped to escape strife.

There is a caravan on its way to America now and the President wishes to stop them.

As I recall America grants sanctuary and asylum for people, however they come.


This quest for sanctuary was faced earlier in the year and the outcome led to children being separated from their parents,

These people, mainly mothers, just wanted their kids to be safe, which was highly apparent.

There were no assurances that things for them were going to be easy moving forward.

What about easier? To answer that question it is necessary to look at the circumstances existing in the countries from which the asylum seekers fled.  Have you?

Maybe it was greedy and selfish to push their problems onto other people so freely.

Except, was it really freely, with few options at their disposal?

It’s not just the members of the migrant caravan that the Presidency is negating. It’s “America First” policy has global implications.


Close to the beginning of his Presidency, Trump’s immigration policy was put under question.

Whether the new policy resulted from a personal problem with the countries targeted by the stricter rules, or he truly meant to increase protections for our country is open to interpretation.

There have been tons of problems and hurtful things said and done during this presidential term,

Trump regularly calls out CNN and other media outlets saying it is all “fake news.” None of his statements have been confirmed.


I can’t only criticize Trump, because he has done a few good things with which I agree.

For example, he enforced Obama’s redline with Syria regarding chemical weapons.  He also at least tried to be open to negotiating for North Korean nuclear disarmament, although the results have not yet been proven effective.

Despite this, comparing his and former President Obama’s immigration policies as if they were the same, is a complete myth.  Obama did not talk about building a wall, and he in fact, supported the “Dreamers.”


Voting is a right and a privilege. I look forward to exercising this right and privilege in a few years, but not yet.  In the meantime, I am watching the elections and our country’s politics closely.


This country has gone through some changes, and it’s better to keep up than let things go on without your involvement.

So if you can vote, do it, because your vote affects your future!


Mrs. McArthur received two stickers because her 18 month old son was so proud of her, he gave her his sticker too.