New Pool, New Year

A look at the renovation done to the EPCHS pool.

Ruby Mendoza, Staff Writer

Evergreen Park Community High School has a gotten a fresh new look for its aquatic area. The place where everyone has a great time swimming deserved a renovation after years since its last change. The broken lighting and sound panels were upgraded; new graphics were added to the pool and lobby. The sound panels were a predicament for the system because they were no longer made. The school had to consider if they wanted to invest in a costly new system and if they wanted a drastic change. However, panels in good condition were painted to replace the broken and outdated ones in the pool. “The new pool graphics and lighting give an updated look for the facility. We are so grateful for the changes,” commented Mrs. Marshall. This refurbishment began at the end of the school year in March and lasted until the end of June, just before the start of swim camp. The improvements have taken such a long time since the various phases of the project had to each be completed individually.

When the school realized they were losing money via water leaks in the pool, they had divers investigate the location of the leaks. Once the area of the leaks was found they shut down the pool for repair, patching, and painting. The school also decided to get other projects such as new lighting and a new soundboard system completed while the pool was closed. Although the graphics were not part of the original plan, they were a great addition. Mr. Donohoe stated, “The graphics clearly gave the room a new pop that everyone notices.” EPCHS looks forward to sharing the updated pool with its community.