Homecoming Edition- Your two cents

We want to hear from you!

Ruby Mendoza, Staff Writer

The student body was asked to give their opinions about their favorite and least favorite part of our school’s homecoming. Here are some of their responses.


  1. Daivez Bell (senior)

“The best part would be the activities we have throughout the week. The worst part would be the DJ, especially the one from last year.”


    2. Nolan Bruce (sophomore)

“Although my least favorite part is the parade, my favorite is the homecoming game.”


    3. Genesis Carr (junior)

“My favorite part is getting all dressed up and looking nice for everyone to see. But my least favorite part is how the school has so many rules and regulations. It is crazy how we can’t wear certain stuff or dance too close to our partner or something like that. The DJ is also really bad. I didn’t go to the homecoming dance my sophomore year because I heard the DJ was lame. He needs to play better songs or something. I’m going this year because I have nothing else to do. But school needs to spice it up a lot because it does get boring at school functions like this one. The school is also really overpricing it when they are making us pay three dollars for one slice of pizza. I could go somewhere else and a get a whole meal for three dollars but I hope everyone has fun this year.”


   4. Kylie Doherty (sophomore)

“My favorite thing about homecoming is when everyone gets together for the hall decorations and everyone is supporting each other. My other favorite part of homecoming week is the dance because everyone is all sweaty and happy. Everyone there is having a great time. My least favorite thing is when not everyone dresses up for the spirit day. I wish our school could come together more as a community.” 


   5. Amarissa Dotson (freshman)

“My favorite part is the game and the dance, and I don’t have a least favorite.” 


  6. Ryan Galindo (sophomore)

“I truly believe homecoming is one of the top parts of high school. Evergreen Park Community High School truly exceeds everything I thought it would be. My favorite part of homecoming week and homecoming is the energetic, enthusiastic, and incredible week it is in school. The variety of school spirit topics is amazing and fun. Each day is a new theme and it’s wonderful to participate with every other student there. On top of that there is the hall and float decorating and the outcome is spectacular. While walking through the hallway you can truly see the effort and creativity students put in. At the end of the week to top it off is the homecoming parade where everyone can go and have a memorable night. In the end, I personally do not have a least favorite part about homecoming.” 


7. Damian Herrera (junior)

“My favorite part is the friends, and least favorite is some of the generic and boring music as well as the food prices.” 


8.  Courteney Hoover (junior)

“My least favorite is the music, strict dress code, and how the gym is. We should also have a better snacks/drinks provided. My favorite is I don’t know.” 


9. Saffyiah Jordan (senior)

“The game is my favorite part of homecoming and spirit week is my least favorite. The themes are always boring.” 


10. Crystal Le (freshman)

“My favorite part of homecoming is to see my friend and the least is to pay for the Pizza.” 


11. Nyah Tsai (senior)

“My least favorite part is the music. My favorite part is making memories with my friends.”