Deck the Halls!

Homecoming Deck the Halls goes above and beyond!

Joey Templin, Staff Writer

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year, the Evergreen Park High School Homecoming! During the week of  the Homecoming, the halls are filled with decorations, the theme being different each year. This year the theme was board games. Each grade level chose their own board game. The Freshmen chose “Sorry”, the Sophomores decided on “Life”, the Juniors picked “Monopoly”, and the Seniors elected to use “Candy Land”.

I spoke with Mr. English about the hallway decorating. When asked about what created the idea for this theme, he replied, “No, they are decided by the end of the school year and they slowly vote each one out, and the last one on the list was board games.” Mr. English added that Kayla Benson came up with the idea for the shirt design. He told me that the halls would be decorated to the pillar downstairs in the middle of the hall and all the way down by the music hall. I followed this up by asking about the catchphrases idea. “The Students in each grade level came up with one for their grade level.” He also told me about how much space each class had to decorate. “Yes it would start at the end of the counseling hallway with “Sorry” and end in the Hallway with Candy Land.”

The winner of the hall decorating contest were the seniors with Candyland.

When asked about the hall decorations Mrs Mcarthur, a teacher at Evergreen Park High School, responded with

“As an art teacher creativity is very important,  and it is obvious from this year’s hall decorations, that each class brought their “A Game”.