ARE you ready for this week?!


Dulce Medina Meza, Contributing Staff Member

We are one week away Mustangs! Your 2022 homecoming is well on its way! We have several activities for Homecoming week, beginning next week. Dodgeball, tug of war, trivia, you name it! Each grade level will be competing against each other so be sure to be there to make sure your grade wins. Apart from the homecoming week festivities we also have the pep rally and the homecoming football game! We are facing the Astros, so Shepard better prepare for us ! Be there to support your Mustang football team and secure the win. Finally, the beloved homecoming dance is on Saturday, the 8th!

Each grade has been working and will be working diligently on the floats, window decorations, and hallway decorations. Since our theme is Animal Kingdom, we each have a different part of the animal world. As a preview, the juniors have the arctic! So think polar bears or glaciers… 

Our spirit week will start off with pajama day! You get to wake up Monday morning and arrive at school in the most comfortable pair of PJs you own. Tuesday, you get to dress futuristically, either how you see yourself a few years from now or how you picture the future! Maybe in a suit and tie or in all metallic. Wednesday, its decades day! Each grade has their assigned decade: 

  • Freshmen-80’s
  • Sophomores-2000s
  • Juniors-70’s
  • Seniors-90s

Our Thursday spirit day is class color day! Each grade will be unified by one color, so make sure you wear the right one! 

  • Freshmen-Green
  • Sophomores- Black 
  • Juniors- White 
  • Seniors- Green

And finally, our last day, Friday, will obviously be the classic mustang spirit wear day!

Our royal homecoming court will be announced very soon, so cross your fingers!!

We expect to see all of you there, watching, supporting, or participating!