Liane’s Corner


Julianna Black, Editor at Large


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the EPCHS athletic trainer! Who is the person who will always rush out to aid our school’s fallen players and assist with students’ aches and pains, it’s our very own Liane “The Chaos Coordinator” Salzer. Once a multi-sport athlete in gymnastics, softball, cheerleading, and soccer, and then inspired by her own high school athletic trainer Liane was drawn to a career in athletic training. 


She loves working with the high school because she gets to know students personally and “sees students succeed in sports and overcome injuries.” Additionally, she finds a level of fun in the chaos that comes with helping student-athletes that she would not find while working in a clinic. You may not know this, but Liane hopes to go see the Kentucky Derby someday and go skydiving. She also has spilled that she once attended Richards high school and got her bachelor’s degree in athletic training from Northern Illinois.


Here are some of Liane’s do’s when coming to see her:

  • Do say please and thank you 
  • Do report injuries or concerns 
  • Do communicate specifically what’s wrong
  • Do follow instructions and listen up
  • Do arrive ASAP

Liane’s don’ts:

  • Don’t skip rehab
  • Don’t block others from getting help
  • Don’t demand things (politeness is key)


So the next time that you get the chance to stop by Liane’s Corner and greet our lovely Liane Salzer be sure to start with a friendly hello and be kind and courteous because no matter what, she is ready and willing to assist you and set you up for success.