Snowball 2022

Something different and something familiar

April Kirts, Staff Writer

Operation Snowball is a very well known and loved tradition at EPCHS. In the past, it has looked like a weekend getaway to a snowy cabin in the woods with 150 super energetic students. This past year, however, things were set up a little differently. Due to Covid – 19 complications, the retreat was unable to be held at Camp Manitoqua.

The leadership team worked day and night in order to provide the campers with a similar experience of big fun, high energy, and new friendships. Ms. Hyland, the coordinator of it all, was helped by her leadership team: 14 returning volunteer students acted as small group leaders, and 4 directors. Together, they decorated the top floor of the school along with individual classrooms to enhance everyone’s experience. The energy and excitement was felt by everyone, being in person and getting the chance to enjoy the weekend. Things like the talent show and the M&P presentation got the campers excited and cheering loudly while small group sessions with people they may never have met before helped them make some new friends and form relationships. 

Snowball is meant as a carefree weekend for everyone, and to learn something new about themselves or other classmates. Whenever the retreat takes place, it is always a success. The positivity and energy that radiates off the campers and everyone involved from the weekend is palpable and makes all the hard work for the past 8 months worth it.

It is hard to capture the energy of a Snowball weekend in a few photos, but here are a few snapshots of the weekend.