Evergreen Park High School Walk-Through Trick-or-Treating a Success.


Leah Grundy, Staff Writer

Evergreen Park Community High School has created a tradition and relationship with the community through many different events and activities. One of our best is the Trick or Treating event. It’s a way for the people in the community and other communities to come together. The kids get to play games and socialize with EPCHS students and see what the high school community has to offer.

Karen Hewitt,  Evergreen Park’s library assistant, had a great experience and said, “It was a lot of fun and it was great to see a lot of the community come out! It was a very successful event!”

Junior Julianna Black said, “It was really cool to have such a great turnout and connect with the community again!”

EP even did the event last year, although it was a little different due to Covid. Despite the Coronavirus and many things being canceled last year, Evergreen Park Community High School still continued its traditions. EPCHS will continue planning many activities within the community throughout the rest of the year.