Snowball: The Only Place that Everyone Wants to Be

Despite the pandemic, Snowball rolls on.


Grace Sisto, Staff Writer

On January 15th and 16th, Evergreen Park Community High School hosted their first virtual Snowball event weekend.  Due to safety reasons and the virus still being heavy, the school improvised their normal 3 day weekend at Camp Manitoqua to a 2 day weekend on Zoom in the comfort of their homes.  Students were able to see speakers such as M&P and David Woods Bartley.  They were also involved in workshops and discussions.  Students were able to get up and interact with the screen such as dancing, commenting, and supporting each other. 

Teachers and Alumni hosted workshops such as juggling, drawing, yoga, bingo, and so many more!  Students had a break from school to talk about more personal issues and learn more about themselves while participating and learning trust/team building.  Hearing feedback from students and teachers was a huge thing the school stressed after the weekend so they would know how to improve in the future if needed.  But hearing from other students they had found the weekend to be just as impactful. 

Small Group Leader, senior, and student director, Tiana Brown, has gone to snowball for all four years of her high school career and hopes to come back as an Alumna.  She quotes, “This Snowball might have been virtual but it was like no other.  Everyone should experience Snowball at least once in their high school years!”

Alumna Lauren Quinn has also gone to snowball all four years and came back for a fifth year.  She hopes to continue coming back as an alumni because it was “a lot of fun” and was “happy to reconnect with some of the people at the high school.”

First year snowballer and junior, Jessica Rojas, enjoyed the weekend as well and regrets not coming years in the past.  She “enjoyed every part of the weekend” and she’s planning on coming back next year!

The weekend went better than expected. The Snowball staff couldn’t even thank the students for the amount of time and effort they put into the superb weekend.  The weekend was put together by the small group leaders, teachers, administration, and most importantly the students.