The World of Differences

Remote VS. Blended

Grace Sisto, Staff Writer

The reality of 2020 has changed the lives of millions of students, especially at Evergreen Park.  On Friday, March 13, 2020, reality of the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, moved schools across the country into an emergency lockdown.  Students were forced to start remote learning; students and staff were put under overwhelming stress and unprecedented pressure.  The youth had to switch to zoom classes, an online communication to video chat between students and teachers.  The platform has taken over the everyday lives of most of the country.

At the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, the students at EPCHS started off the year continuing on zoom like the previous semester.  The new semester brought up concerns due to last year’s progress, students and teachers started bringing up new ideas to improve the classes.  Due to all the concerns and questions, the school changed the four classes to one-hour classes and then added the I.D.E.A. time onto the day.  This schedule made it easier for students to interact with teachers and get more work done efficiently.

A month into the remote learning at the high school, the school board had met and brought up the pros and cons of doing a blended learning model.  The model would allow the students to go into the school on their predesignated schedule.  The families along with their students also were able to choose between staying remote or choosing the blended learning model.  The students that had more concerns or wanted to go back to the school were allowed to be taught in classrooms at a social distance.  Masks were mandatory and halls were turned into one way.  

Nearing the holidays, the school turned every one to remote learning and expected the students to return December 7th.  With the next holiday approaching and families traveling the school thought it would be best for students to stay home and continue with their remote learning.  The students are expected to return January 11th, 2021.