NHS Sponsors Veteran’s Breakfast


Katrina Jillian Del Rosario, Staff Writer


On November 8th, the National Honor Society hosted its annual Veteran’s Breakfast to honor our brave veterans. NHS members were able to hear both the sacrifices and the adventures the veterans went through while everyone enjoyed a delicious meal. NHS members heard stories from how their loved ones felt during their duty to important lessons they learned along the way. The Veteran’s Breakfast allows the students to have an idea of what it feels like to fight for your country’s freedom and how it affects you and your loved ones over time.

Mr. Nesler, who has facilitated the breakfast for the past ten years, tells students to “spend some time thinking about what it would be like to not be in total control of your life and to be told by Uncle Sam what to do and when to do it.” Back then, male teens had to enlist in the military to protect our country while now, both males and females have the freedom to choose whether or not to enlist. 

The breakfast was a huge success and both veterans and Junior NHS members are already looking forward to this event next year.