The 59th annual Spirit Week came alive!

Grace Sisto, Staff Writer

Evergreen Park Community High School celebrated their annual Spirit Week on the week of October 7th through the 11th.  Since the late 1960’s Spirit Week at Evergreen Park Community High School has thrived. Spirit Week includes four different themed days including spirit day Friday, as the school says, “We wear Mustang Pride on Fridays.” After much debate in the student council meetings, the class picks the most wanted idea for each day of the week.  This spirit week included, Monday as Pajama day, Tuesday as Hawaiian day, Wednesday as Cartoon day, Thursday as Throwback day, and Friday as Mustang Pride. Ruby Mendoza said, “The days were fun and I wanted to participate. It takes a lot of effort to dress up or make something creative, but it was worth it.” One of Evergreen’s favorite librarians, Mrs. Hewitt spoke out and said, “Spirit week is a fun way of showing school spirit and a nice way of getting students involved.”   Although most students and faculty likes Spirit Week, some students thought that spirit week could have more unique this year. Emma Terri and Pearl Opoku, who participated in the week had quoted, “the student council needs to change the days because it feels like since I started here, it’s been the same.” Even though the school allows dress up days, some of the students chose not to participate, but about more than half of the school population is excited to celebrate each Spirit Week.