New Learning Resource Center Renovation

Makenzie Telstad, Staff Writer

   Evergreen Park Community High School made a significant upgrade to its facilities when the Library was completely renovated this summer. Considering it hasn’t been remodeled since it was added onto the school in 1971, this is a good thing. The upgrade had been planned for years, and after years of waiting, Thursday, September 12, 2019, was the official LRC grand opening.  EPCHS (Evergreen Park Community High School) threw a party to show parents and the community where their students would be studying. SPM Architects worked long hours this summer for the new completion of the new LRC. 

   The new LRC includes multiple study rooms, computer labs and 2 student bathrooms as well as 2 staff and faculty bathrooms. The resources in the LRC will be open until 4 PM every weekday. There are many different opinions within the new layout and Dr.Ward, a librarian at EPCHS states, “My favorite parts are the study rooms. I think they feel like a college library.”

   Superintendent Mr. O’Malley has confirmed plans about the coffee shop opening in the next several weeks. He’s also confirmed the rumor that students will be running the coffee shop. Not all the details are worked out, but what we do know is that regular-Ed students, as well as special-Ed students, will run it and it will be open when during school hours for students to enjoy while they work. This cafe will not only sell coffee but many miscellaneous items as well such as snacks, school supplies, and mustang gear.