Starting at 3:20?


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Pictured with Principal Sanderson and Superintendent O’Malley are Principal’s Advisory Council members: Kayla Benson, Nolan Brennan, Jessica Castro, Andrew Corona, Neema Griffin, Jorge Hernandez, Gwendalynn Hohman, Michael Kportufe, Kassandra Martinez, Daniel McQuillan, Kevin O’Toole, Amber Richter, Evelina Rudzinskas, Makenzie Telstad, Nyah Tsai, Quinn Tyrrell, and Rachel Witte. Not pictured are: Jhanya Barnes, Amari Brown, Katrina Del-Rosario, Gen Garbacz, Adam Gonzalez, Isabella Martinez, Charles Parker, Hannah Rahm, and Luis Yapan

Makenzie Telstad, Staff Writer

During November 2018, the EPCHS administration decided that clubs will start at 3:20 while sports begin at 3:30. This took effect in December of 2018. As you might be able to tell, this may cause a few issues for students in both sports and a club. Some people think this will be a problem while others enjoy the extra time it gives them. There are some clubs unlike newspaper where you actually have to be at every meeting for at least 5 minutes to see what’s going on or even the whole meeting such as photography, chess, and yearbook. Even if you must attend for 5 minutes, you in a way risk the chance of being late to your sport, which most coaches would be pretty upset about. Some other students like this idea because it will give them around 20 minutes of free time before they have to rush to the club they’re in. It gives them time to retest, make-up short tests/quizzes, see teachers, relax in the LRC/Cafeteria, or even get homework done which for some students, is a major advantage to their use. Some students might even be faced with the decision of dropping the club or sport if they must attend both. As for me, I don’t like this idea. I can’t balance the clubs I’m in with girls’ basketball if they do put this into effect. I also dislike how they’re changing this in general. It seemed as if clubs starting immediately worked well because usually teachers are still here by the time clubs end as long as they end by 3:15 or around there so that the students would still be able to go see their teachers. Students were also able to participate in clubs and sports at the same time and not have to find some way to balance them and in extreme cases, quit either the sport or club. Most students, do not like this. At the Principal’s’ Advisory Council meeting, Sanderson started, “teachers work from 8:10-3:20 for students help by their contract. . . students should get a note from their club sponsor and give it to their coaches if they are in a sport.” Sanderson also stated, “Clubs can be ran in the morning before school or in the evening after sports if majority are in a sport and that clubs can meet without their sponsor as long as they meet in the LRC and it’s not a dangerous club.” Mr.O’Malley said, “it’s a contractual thing that we don’t have control over but we’re trying to change it.”