40 years later…

a “Halloween” story

Photo from the  new Halloween movie


Photo from the new “Halloween” movie

Joey Templin, Staff Writer

Halloween is right around the corner, and It has been 40 years since one of the most iconic horror films “Halloween” was released in 1978. This film gave the world Michael Myers. It redefined horror movies, one of the biggest genres of film right now. With Halloween around the Corner I’ve decided to take a look back on this classic horror movie. The Movie follows Dr Samuel Loomis after his patient of 15 years Michael Myers, escapes the asylum by stealing his car. Michael’s mission is to kill off the last of his bloodline, his sister Laurie Strode. The movie is mostly quiet with Laurie Strode babysitting most of the film along with Dr. Loomis looking for Michael on Halloween night. However, the film does this on purpose in order to add more suspense to the final act, and it works! The final act is full of suspense! The film ends with one of the greatest cliffhangers of all time; it’s predictable but it is one of the first films to do it. It ends with Michael being shot by Dr. Loomis. Then, as Dr Loomis sees if Laurie is ok, he checks on Michael’s corpse only to find it gone. A sequel came out three years later and ended the story. However, they found three more ways to bring him back. The films had a soft reboot in 1998 with Halloween H20, until they were rebooted entirely. Unfortunately, it then became a disaster, with both rebooted films being horrible. There is hope! This year we are getting another soft reboot “Halloween” which ignores every movie except the first one. It will be released on October 18th 2018, with most of the same cast returning for one last time.