Homecoming Fashion

Amor- Mi Moda


Vern Estes

Neema Griffin showing off her Minnie Mouse Ears for character day.

Nyah Tsai, Staff Writer

The week before last was not only the homecoming dance, but also spirit week. Monday was pajama day, and almost everyone was comfortable in their furry and soft pajamas. Tuesday was camouflage day and every time I walked in the hallway I saw all shades of camo. Walking into one of my classes, I even realized that my teacher was wearing a wig trying to disguise himself as a student. That’s camouflage at its finest, I have to give a shoutout to Mr. Ridenour for that one. Wednesday was Western day and every time I walked through the hallway I heard the clicking of so many pairs of cowboy boots. If you were in the hallway, man was it loud!  All you heard was click, click, click. Thursday was cartoon character day. Not too many people including myself knew what to be, but the people who did really stepped out. I saw the whole Proud Family, superheroes, and so many more. Friday consisted of what it does every Friday, Mustang pride. At our homecoming assembly, the room was filled with EP colors and EP shirts/clothing. So many Mustangs supported their school and it filled me with so much pride. Shoutout to all my fellow peers who showed school spirit.