Midnight Terror – Chicago’s #1 Ranked Haunted House

Face your fears at the Scariest Haunted House in the Chicagoland Area


JayLynn Kampstra, Contributing Staff Member

Last Friday night, Midnight Terror Haunted House Chicago – actually located next door in Oak Lawn, had opening night for their seasonal attraction.

Midnight Terror first opened in 2014. The mastermind behind the project, Justin Cerniuk, is a Marine Corps veteran who served for four years. Aside from defending his country, he has always had a vision for a haunted house concept, with ideas brewing in his mind when he was just ten years old. In fact, Cerniuk created his own, low-scale haunted house at his own home to get his project off the ground and since then he has evolved his project into one of the top haunted house attractions in the entire Chicago area. Midnight Terror has seen exponential growth since their opening in 2014. Their budget is much higher since their inception, and are now able to use professional costume managers and makeup artists on their staff! A plethora of internet reviews have been made about the Terror and the general consensus is “frightening” and “spine-chilling”. In fact, some of Cerniuk’s own workers/actors have described how the attraction even freaks them out due to all the various rooms and themes spectators have to endure. 

As far as what a visitor could expect, Midnight Terror actually takes a good amount of time to walk through – upwards of thirty minutes of jump scares, psychological eeriness and overall (fun) dread. It sounds crazy, right? There’s more!

This year’s theme is “Malum’s Uprising.” It chronicles the demon Malum and how he has made everyone work for him. Beyond that, other themes of the experience feature the “Clown Takeover” and “Christmas Fear.” The premise is divided into the “factory” and the “town” – totaling thirty  rooms; each one having its own unique theme. So there is a little bit for anyone’s phobias to kick into high gear.

Midnight Terror is a fantastic seasonal attraction. They are open on weekends during the month of October. Starting on October 20th, they will be open Thursday-Sunday from 7-10. Ticket sales are limited, so you don’t want to sleep on this. And if you want to bring someone on a date, bring them to Midnight Terror’s “Ice Cream Shop” room. So romantic, but…you’ve been warned.