The Talent Show a huge success

Everyone involved should take a bow

Josh Miglieri, Staff Writer

After a two-year hiatus, the Talent Show at Evergreen Park is back. Mar. 18 at the auditorium in front of a packed house, this year had a variety of performances from freshman to senior students, including singing, dancing, instrument playing, and math solving. 

Going up on that stage takes so much bravery, but controlling those nerves and showing off what has repeatedly been practiced in search of perfection takes skill more than anything else. It’s also great to see when a student has those butterflies in their stomach when they first get on stage but the crowd’s energy pushes them through that wall of anxiety to present that talent in its full form. 

On top of giving students that perfect platform to showcase themselves, the Talent Show was also helping create change one dolar at a time. The Talent show, run by Mr. Nesler and the National Honor Society, made $825 made; three-quarters of the proceeds were donated straight to the National Foundation for Suicide Prevention, while the rest went to the refugees in Ukraine. 

The beauty of this year’s Talent Show is that everyone is a winner. This includes the audience members who watched an entertaining show, to the students who were willing to face their fears head on to display what they work so hard for, and even to individuals who could have possibly been positively impacted by the money raised involved in Suicide Prevention and the war in Ukraine. The Talent Show just proved that those baby steps create the most character. Everyone involved deserves a shower of roses and a standing ovation for creating such a unique and memorable night.