Louisa’s Pizza is a buttery paradise

The distant, niche pizza place is worth the travel.

Louisas Pizza is a buttery paradise

Josh Miglieri, Staff Writer

   Louisa’s Pizza and Pasta is a family run spot in Crestwood on Cicero Avenue. Like a lot of other local businesses, the parlor struggled to stay afloat during the pandemic because it is primarily a dine-in place meaning it couldn’t really adapt.

    Now that Louisa’s is back to serving in-person, they have returned to full form once again. Immediately upon entering, it already has that homey feel with dim lighting, classic Italian restaurant tablecloths, and Jerry Vale blasting out of the speakers throughout. The deep dish pizza itself matches that same aesthetic because it tastes extremely homemade. The star is obviously the uniquely airy crust. Having a light crust on a traditionally heavy style comes with multiple benefits. For one, it separates itself from being compared to other deep dish places in the area. 

    Also, it doesn’t feel as much like eating lead compared to most pizzas in the same style. Sure it isn’t great afterward, but feeling horrible for doing such unspeakable things to the digestive system is far from the case with Louisa’s. 

    The crust also just tastes really good. The buttery paradise has a soft, pillowy feel while still having that crunch that’s a necessity for any worthwhile pie. The other ingredients, the sweet, chunky sauce, and rich cheese are appropriately more complementary to the main attraction. 

     Louisa’s is a bit more of a niche spot around here due to its distance and low key style, but those who love it really love it. Especially for the suburbs, this place is far more premium for those seeking the best deep dish in the area. Final Score: 8/10


Scoring System: 10-Perfect, 9-Excellent, 8-Great, 7-Good, 6-Fine, 5-Average, 4- Weak, 3- Bad, 2- Atrocious, 1- Inedible