Barraco’s Pizza Is Pizza.

“…their best ability is availability”


Barraco’s Pizza has 3 locations around Evergreen Park

Josh Miglieri, Staff Writer

Scoring System: 10-Perfect, 9-Excellent, 8-Great, 7-Good, 6-Fine, 5-Average, 4- Weak, 3- Bad, 2- Atrocious, 1- Inedible 


Barraco’s Pizza is an undeniable staple of the Evergreen Park community. Whether it be at a sporting event, birthday party, or even in school, everyone has had Barraco’s too many times to count. But why this place specifically? Well, the obvious factor is convenience. It feels like one of these joints is on every corner throughout Evergreen and other surrounding towns. A simple “Barraco’s near me” search proves that with a whopping 3 locations within a mile and a half from the school. Unfortunately for Barraco’s though, their best ability is availability. If a Barraco’s pie is placed in front of anyone, sure he or she will eat it,  but ask yourself this: “Would I ever order this on my own?” The answer is simply no. The pizza is built to feed a lot of people with their tiny pieces and relatively inoffensive taste, and it does that successfully. The problem is that it doesn’t have any truly notable characteristics at all. Pizza, in general, really only has three main ingredients: cheese, sauce, and crust, excluding toppings. Without any of these standing out, it ends up tasting bland and forgettable, and this is the case for Barraco’s. I and a lot of others want more from their pizza than just the baseline. The food group should go far beyond a simple serviceable slice. We live in one of the pizza capitals of the world, and serving this up to the masses of the south suburbs does not do the city justice. Final Score: 5/10