Harry Shows His Style with His New Video “Treat People with Kindness”

The first Harry Styles video of the year exudes energy and individualism but is not his high water mark.

Christina Ho, Staff Writer

Starting off the new year, Harry Styles released a new music video that shocked many fans, including me. Styles’s slogan, “Treat People with Kindness”, is his way of spreading the good word. TPWK gives off a positive feeling, so his release of the music video is his message to start 2021 on a positive note.

This is a fantastic video because it showcases Styles’s emotions. Younger Styles has always struggled with being himself but the past three years have been his happiest because he’s able to express his true self through music and style of clothes. It is truly amazing how he is able to be different and he is able to influence many people to step out of their comfort zone. 

This video gives off the same positive energy that the song itself gives out. Styles and the extras are very energized and pumped up that matches the vibe of the song. Styles did an amazing job starting the new year with his new video, but I do believe that it’s not his best work. I would give it a solid 7.5/10.

Harry Styles – Treat People With Kindness
Credit: Harry Styles/Youtube