Christmas Around The World


Lilah Brown

The LRC Christmas Tree for the Staff’s Battle of the Trees.

Joey Templin, Staff Writer

Christmas is a holiday that is celebrated by millions all across the globe, and it’s around the corner already. However, people can celebrate Christmas differently than other people across the world.

North America: People in America spend Christmas the way many people imagine, the town decorates the city with bright lights for the holidays. Family’s often decorate their houses as well, hanging up lights and putting decorations in the front of their house. They use notable traditions such as: putting up a Christmas tree with ornaments, a star, and many decorations. On Christmas Day, people receive gifts and spend the holidays with their families.

Europe: Christmas in Europe last more than just one day. They celebrate the four Sundays until Christmas Eve. The first event is the celebration of Advent. Europeans also celebrate the “Feast of Saint Nicholas” on December 6th. It isn’t until Christmas Eve until the celebrations are put into full force. People celebrate it with a Midnight Mass by having a grand meal. The next day is Christmas Day, where people celebrate it for twelve days. The celebration lasts until January 6th, which is the day the Three Kings delivered their gifts to a newborn Jesus.

Australia: Christmas in Australia is pretty much the same way as it is here in America.  However, it is celebrated in the summertime.

Africa: Christmas in Africa takes place later, occurring on January 7th. However, that doesn’t mean festivities will not take place. People usually have cultural dances and festivities. On January 7th, it is officially Christmas Day in Africa.

Asia: Christmas in Asia is more religious events. Some Asian countries don’t even celebrate Christmas. However, there are a few in Asia that celebrate it very differently than what most people are familiar with. Christmas celebrations are usually celebrated by church celebrations but those are overshadowed by the Chinese New Year celebration.

South America: In South America, Christmas Eve is called Noche Buena. It is where people eat and attend “Missa de Gallo”. A late night mass that people say is “long and dragged on” where people usually get home at dawn. Christmas Day is usually quiet, where people sleep form the long previous night and eat leftovers from last night with their families.