Let’s Talk Food…

How EPCHS Students feel about our lunches


Sarah Meyer

Cafeteria Photo Story

Imani Sykes, Staff Writer

Recently Evergreen Park High School’s cafeteria has been the talked about subject and several students have expressed both their positive and negative thoughts about our school cafeteria. I want to start off by saying, I like the fact that the EP cafeteria offers a variety of foods and you can get something different almost any day. For example, there’s a sandwich station that’s incorporated within the cafeteria. There are multiple things you can get from the station such as sandwiches, wraps, paninis, and many other items. I also appreciate the fact that there are so many options and toppings you can put on either your sandwich or wrap. It can sometimes be overwhelming!

I also have to speak on the delicious soups that our cafeteria offers and how it’s a different one each day. A survey was sent out to the student body regarding their thoughts on both the positive and things that the cafeteria can improve on. For example, a student stated “ the chicken noodle soup is hands down the best soup that the cafeteria serves” with the following statement that “every soup is my favorite”.

While many of the students spoke on how delicious most of the food is, many people spoke about the prices of the food in the cafeteria. Many suggested that some of the prices should be lowered and I couldn’t agree anymore. Also, I would like to add that I think the process to pay for your food takes way to long and needs to be changed. There are only three lines to pay for your food and the system is very time consuming which gives you less time to be able to enjoy your lunch without having to scarf down your food too quickly. I also want to touch on the fact that there should be more staff members for the sandwich station, that’s another big issue that the EP cafeteria needs to improve on. Other than those small adjustments that need to be made, I appreciate all of the things that our cafeteria offers!!!!