D.R.E.A.M. Club is Dancing


Imani Sykes, Staff Writer

Get ready Mustang Nation for the newly added Diversity Raising Equality for All Minorities Club, also known as the D.R.E.A.M. Club! This frequently talked about club has sparked much attention to a large group of students who are now members of the Dream Club. The founders of this new and exciting club -Nyah Tsai, Meche Watson and Neema Griffin- expressed that they created this club to help educate students on the difference of certain cultures and their backgrounds that in which their world consists. Each meeting incorporates the exposure of several cultures. For example, last week’s Dream meeting consisted of the members creating pieces of art that had to do with Hispanic culture. The three options were to make maracas, Peruvian Inca suns, fiesta flowers, or papel picados. The previous meeting exemplifies the learning of different types of Latin dances and where they originated from. Emily Carvajal, who is also a member of Dream, taught the participants the bachata which is a well known dance in the latin community. All of the participants “had an amazing time and everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves,” stated by the co-founder of the Dream Club Nyah Tsai. The next meeting will be held in the LRC on Tuesday, October 16th, and will consist of many food items that will be part of the first fiesta party thrown by the Dream Club. Each item is to be brought by the members of the club. If you’re interested in trying tasty foods and learning about a variety of cultures, Dream Club is indeed the club you want to be involved in.