Meet the NEW Mustangs…

Evergreen Park welcomes some old and new faces to its staff.

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Meet the NEW Mustangs…

Makenzie Telstad, Staff Writer

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With the new school year already in full swing this year EPCHS has hired new staff. The new staff includes: Mr. Pierce (business), Mr. Fitzer (social worker), Mr. Kovacs (psychology), Mr. Eisenbraun (guidance counselor), Mr. Yarborough (special education), Mr. Estes (TMS), and Mrs. Marshall (EPCHS Class of 2005) (special-education).

Mr. Pierce studied at Perdue University and Trinity Christian College for his teaching certifications. He’s been teaching for nine years.Mr. Pierce previously taught at EPCHS four years prior until he transferred schools and came back to EP. He really enjoys the dynamics of a smaller school because he gets to know his students and the diversity here is excellent. Mr. Pierce likes how the staff welcomed him back to EP with open arms after he was at another school.

Mr. Fitzer attended Aurora University. He’s been a social worker for 4 years. He loves the small community, the diverse population and it’s close to his house. He has truly enjoyed his time at EP. The entire staff has been inviting and has helped him out with anything he has needed. The students are incredible. He loves coming to work every day. He is hoping that EP is his forever school, and that he’ll retire from here.

Mr. Kovacs attended the University of Missouri and the University of Louisville. This is his 10th year teaching. He decided to work here because he wanted to work at a smaller school and be closer to home. So far he is loving EP due to how hardworking and respectful the students are. When he interviewed for his position, he was told that when people come here they plan on retiring here. He definitely sees where they’re coming from!

Mr. Eisenbraun started out his college experience at Moraine Valley. After MVCC, he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Monmouth College and then his Master’s Degree in Counseling from St. Xavier University. For the last 11 years, he was the Director of College Counseling and last year he was also the Assistant Principal.  He had always heard great things about EP from colleagues, and he was looking for a school that is not too large so he could really get to know the students. He is really enjoying it so far and plans to finish the rest of his career here. His wife has taught at Northeast Elementary for the last 15 years and he already met many of the current students back when they were in 3rd grade!

Mr. Yarborough received his Bachelor’s (Business Administration) from Northern Illinois University and his Master’s of Education (Special Education) from Quincy University. He has been teaching for seven years. He heard great things about the school and he wanted to be a part of what was going here at EP. So far his year has been great. The staff is welcoming, friendly, and always available to help. The students are a pleasure as well. So many students are involved in multiple activities, have a desire to succeed academically, and are respectful to their peers and the staff here. EP has a well-established and positive environment that makes it a pleasure for him to come to work everyday. As of right now, he does not see the need to even think about transferring to a different school because things have started off so well.

Mr. Estes went to SIU. He previously taught at Central Middle School and has been teaching for 13 years. He came to EP for a challenge. So far Mr. Estes said that his year has been challenging but he does not plan on leaving EP anytime soon.

Mrs. Marshall received her Associate’s degree at Moraine Valley Community College and went on to Northeastern Illinois University to earn her Bachelor’s degree. This is her third year teaching and twelfth year coaching. She began her teaching career after graduating college but then stepped away from the classroom to raise her two kids, Gunnar and Rhea. She was born and raised in Evergreen Park, and is also an EP alumni. She is really enjoying being back in the classroom full time. Just like all the other teachers, she loves getting to know her students. She plans to finish her teaching career here at EP.